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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Remember that AROS ABIv1 is not finished yet, any AROS application can (and will!) become incompatible sooner or later without advance warning.
I'll bear that in mind for any new releases - for now it uses AROS-20110714-amiga-m68k-boot for the ROMs; and some commands, libraries, devices etc. from AROS-20110714-amiga-m68k-system.

Question: Is there a version of C:LoadWB provided in AROS-68k to boot into Workbook (when not using a full Wanderer install)? Or does that file have to be obtained from a real Workbench disk? (It's the only file I couldn't find a replacement for.)
I know Workbook isn't very complete, but I need LoadWB to demonstrate switching between AMOS and Workbook.

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