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Originally Posted by narud17 View Post
Hi can I ask a dumb question. How do you get this to work using WINUAE. If I boot uae from a1200 quickstart with the bootdisk-amiga-m68k inserted into dfo I get the loading boot aros.elf.gz for a few seconds and then I get a shell window. What do I need to do now or am I going completely in the wrong direction?. I'm no computer whizz just keen on learning things. Cheers.
arosbootstrap and rom images have been broken last few days. But if you are only going to use it in emulation and want to use latest ROM version: Set WinUAE "Main ROM file" = aros-amiga-m68k-rom.bin and "Extended ROM file" = aros-amiga-m68k-ext.bin.

arosbootstrap method is meant for easy real Amiga testing, no need to burn EPROMs etc..

Originally Posted by Mequa View Post
I replaced all the AmigaOS files with AROS files in the AMOS for Windows distribution, and added a launcher icon. Included AROS ROM has also been updated.
I also added a zip archive portable version which does not require installation.
(Vairn, would you mind updating it and hosting both, since is still quite slow?)
Remember that AROS ABIv1 is not finished yet, any AROS application can (and will!) become incompatible sooner or later without advance warning.
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