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DirOpus curly brace commands?

Looking on Aminet it's not hard to find Directory Opus/DirOpus/Dopus, finding one that doesn't require 68020+ processor however...

I have been using DirOpus 3.29 since I was running KS1.3 on my A2000 so I decided to add that to my KS/WB3.1 on the A600.

Now that I wanted to make some changes I couldn't find any information on what commands to add when making a gadget for example.

Let's say I have a command called zxcv in C:, I add the function
c:zxcv {f} to use it on the highlighted file
That's about it, then there's {dr} {sr} and {aThat shows a messagebox} apparently it's also possible to add a default typed message by adding : and then the default text {aQuestion in box?:Default answer}.
I also saw one gadget that used {O} - have no idea what it was for.

Does anyone have some docs on this so I can get the full experience?

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