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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
My next thought was the Copy II PC Option board, if you can find one.
Those were I guess like the Cyclone for the Amiga, maybe better????
Hmmm, I thought at them, but they are obsolete now, very rare to find and they require a very old PC to run... furthermore, they cannot manage many protections. I read/know there are/were more powerful cards for the PC... but if I had the intention to buy a copy/dump card I'd surely choose the KryoFlux .

This page has lots of info:

Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
The Amiga controller is far more advanced, why not just continue using that to copy them?
1) Because it will require an Amiga to write those images back to floppies, and Amigas will not live forever

2) Because PowerCopy Professional's "images" (there are two separate files for each track: one for side 0 and one for side 1. A total of 160 files per disk) are not a standard. You cannot mount them in an emulator and run the programs
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