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I do realize that this thread is a couple of years old, but I recently downloaded UAE4Droid for my phone, and encountered the same problem. My solution was to simply download a new rom. Something is wrong with one of the few releases that is out there.

Now I have another problem, though. For this game to work I have to check an option that improves compatibility but that disables the possibility to use save states. So I'm forced to use the in-game save function, and I can't format a new save disk from within the game, but I have a feeling that saving will work, if I can only find a save disk adf somewhere.

It was in my search for a save disk that I stumbled upon this thread and realized I may have a solution for you, and since every single answer seemed to misunderstand the original problem, I felt compelled to help.

The guy is stuck at the "Insert data disk and press fire"-screen, and he has inserted the data disk (disk 2, disk 1 is the "Game disk"), but nothing happens when he presses fire. Like I said, you need to find a different set of adf:s of the game.

One of the best games ever if you ask me Now I'm off to keep searching for that save disk, good luck!
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