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WinUAE Questions

Hey all;

A.) I want to link two PC's running WinUAE together so I can play datalink games like Populous II; My PC's are both connected via a PCI network cards... is it possible to do what I want with just this?

B.) I cannot get Sensible World Of Soccer to run at all under WinUAE... does any one know if it's possible to do?

C.) Using disk2dfi I have copied most of my original amiga software onto my PC in .adf format... but there are some games/data discs which aren't recognised as DOS discs, so I cannot copy them across under disk2dfi; My Carrier Command saves for instance. Also Pinball Fantasies loads ok on my working A500, despite there being errors on the discs. However, when I make an .adf of it the highscores are corrupted under WinUAE. Ultima V loads fine on the old Amy, but I can't make a working adf of it (it simply locks up)
I never really got into the technical side of my Amiga; is there any way I can try and remove the data from a disc (PF was a cracked copy, I am ashamed to admit), add it to another disc, then make an .adf of it, and copy the data back onto a working .adf I have? X-Copy (Amiga) can't see my Carrier Command save files, but if it could, and I could get the highscores/character data etc, would this be a viable workaround? If not, does anyone know of any Amiga / PC utility which might help?

D.) Under WinUAE, is there a "power off" function anywhere? Most of my self made .adf's seem to refuse to work unless I close and then restart WinUAE... Also, is there any short cut key to do video/sound dumps? It seems I have to set output type first and then return to the program/game...

Sorry for all the questions, but none of the FAQ's I have found seem to help.
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