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Protected PC floppies: how to dump them?

This is not related to Amiga, but perhaps someone found a solution ...

I normally archive PC floppies with programs like Floppy Image or WinImage.
This works for all DOS floppies, without error protections on them.
By the way, as far as I found all 3.5" 1.44MB floppies have no protections at all.
Some/many 3.5" 720KB floppies are protected. I remember for example Castle Master (it had a very good protection, but... well, I sold it some years ago).

I have some 3.5" and 5.25" protected floppies from the IBM Assistant series: IBM Filing Assistant, IBM Writing Assistant, etc.
I can perfectly copy them with my Amiga & Project D.
I can even DUMP them with my Amiga 600 & PowerCopy Professional (thanks to StingRay), so that I will be able in the future to recreate them at will... but this procedure needs an Amiga.
I suppose that KryoFlux can dump PC floppies, but I cannot buy one for this task only ...

I know that some PC copiers can duplicate some protected floppies (TELEDISK, ANADISK, FDA etc.) but the dump can only be used in some PC emulators (i.e. PCE). Furthermore, they need a true DOS environment (no Windows).

Is there some software solution which can dump such floppies AND is able to write back the images to floppies, including the protected tracks/sectors?

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