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Floppy disk AMOS on AROS!

Following rapidly in your footsteps Toni, and probably the first of many. Here is a proof of concept:

AMOS for Windows (Zip archive)
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This is a Win32 install program (12.5MB) for a complete out-of-the box AMOS Professional install, fully scanned for viruses with the latest Avast, which includes WinUAE 2.3.2 and AROS-68k 20110713 ROMs. Most of it is already working, including the AMOSPro compiler and 'CRAFT' extension.
(Other versions of AMOS are included too, but won't yet run.)

The launcher also works with a WinUAE install in Program Files [or "(x86)"], just delete its internal WinUAE folder, and it works with several versions of WinUAE. It also works without the 2 AROS ROMs (20110713), but as of WinUAE 2.3.2 these are still required to get input in AMOS without an official Kickstart ROM.

I'd like to keep this as legit as possible, so let me know if you are happy with it. I know Francois Lionet made AMOS BSD-licensed a while back, so this entire package should be legally redistributable now.

So long as everything is fine, if anyone would like to host this, I'd be happy too.
Edit: much thanks to Vairn for hosting it.


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