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Evil grin A Bad request for help

First off, If I'm breaking any rules or a wrong section, Could the Mod either move it or Delete it.

I'm looking for PC Booter-disk games from Retrograde Station's Website. The site went belly up a few years ago, But they had unique PC Booter-disk games, that seems to be "lost".

I've attached those from the site that I miss, any help to complete it would be appreciated.

Please note I'm not looking for the extracted (or converted to DOS) files (those with *.exe/*.com files. But those *.img/*.dsk Files)

Agent USA by Scholastic Wizware and Tom Snyder Productions
Crusade in Europe
Cyborg by Sentient Software
I, Damiano by Bantam Software
Livingstone 2
Solo Flight
The Alpine Encounter by Random House
The Last Mission
The Tracer Sanction

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