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Alright, first off I will say that I love the new design, it makes a LOT more sense than the last design and is a lot smaller!

With that said, I did notice that the Flicker Fixer began to act the same as with the 603 right off the bat. I booted, got the Flicker Fixer boot screen clear and inviting upon the screen, and then went to a red screen. I then opened the case and moved the card around till I got a Work Bench screen, but then this had lines going through it and the lines moved each time I pressed the Flicker Fixer down (Damn these things are sensitive). After a while I rebooted, got a red screen again, so I pressed on the card and finally I got a Work Bench screen without lines, and so far it has stayed there.

Might there be some way I can secure the FLicker Fixer to the card so that it doesn't move so much as a millimeter? I'd love to put my 600 back together but fear that I'm just going to have to open it again someday when I take it to a show and the flicker fixer comes loose.

Also I installed my Subway again, updated the Subwaydevice file, etc.

Still nothing. Trident is reporting this:

12:25 AM| 0-poseidon.library: Welcome to poseidon 4.4 (13.2.10) © 2002-2010 by Chris Hodges (20100213)!
12:25 AM| 0-poseidon.library: Event broadcaster started.
12:25 AM| 0-poseidon.library: PoPo kicks ass.
12:26 AM| 10-poseidon.library: Failed to load config from 'ENV:Sys/poseidon.prefs'!
12:26 AM| 5-Trident: Forcing a DirScan for (new) classes, as you probably updated to a newer version.
12:26 AM| 5-poseidon.library: ClassScan attempted with no classes installed!
12:26 AM| 20-OnlineSupport: No TCP/IP stack running!
12:26 AM| 20-OnlineSupport: No TCP/IP stack running!

Yet, I swear to God that EVERYTHING is where it should be!

I also posted the info about the Subway side of things to AmigaKit.
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