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Big grin AMOS on AROS!

Holy Moly! AROS can run AMOS!

It's not usable yet (keyboard and mouse input don't appear to be functional), but it WILL launch AMOSPro now (provided RTG isn't being used) and WILL launch the editor, default screen, splash dialog box (which will disappear in time) and play sounds, with flashing cursors operational!
I enclose a screenshot using WinUAE 2.3.2's internal AROS ROM with AROS fonts, and for comparison AMOSPro running under Kickstart 3.1.

This only appears to work for AMOS Professional now (tested version 2 with compiler), not AMOS 1.3 or Easy AMOS.

Also, AMOSPro will run in Run Only mode now (e.g. go to AMOSPro_System: and do AMOSPro "MyProgram.AMOS"). As for the editor, keyboard/mouse input doesn't seem to be working yet, but demos which require no input WILL work! Similarly, you can use the AMOSPro Compiler (with real Kickstart for now) to create an Amiga executable. and the compiled program (depending on which extensions are used) will run under AROS 68k, albeit with the same limitations for now as interpreted programs.

Another point: Many games and apps created in Blitz Basic 2 (including some of my own) appear to work now under AROS, without the current issues with AMOS games. (Disabling RTG helps.)

I'm just thinking how making AMOS and Blitz games runnable without a copyrighted Kickstart ROM will make it so much easier to legally distribute homebrew Amiga games to run on other platforms.

AROS 68k is a great project!

Joystick input DOES work in AMOS under AROS 68k - check out my attached AMOS game "Eater" as a zipped ADF file. Try booting the ADF in the latest WinUAE without an external ROM file. Or load Wanderer (or Workbook), insert the floppy and click on the executable icon. It even launches when using RTG (unlike the AMOSPro editor).

In contrast, support for Blitz Basic 2 apps/games seems to be more complete (keyboard and mouse input do work), but it doesn't seem to play well with RTG at present.

Apart from keyboard and mouse input (and 3D extension which seems to give an error, or synthesised speech using the narrator.device and translator.library), AMOS support seems to be almost there!
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