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Uridium 2 CD32 (Unofficial Conversion)

Many years ago I posted a thread asking for help in getting Uridium 2 running on the CD32. Then recently I received a PM from Musashi5150 saying that he had it up and running on his console using Rob Northen's CD32 loader.

This might not be the final version, but it's certainly good enough at this stage to release into the wild. The game is playable in standard single-player mode on a base CD32, but to access other game modes you'll need a keyboard. There are a couple of other niggles (such as the screen isn't properly centred for some reason compared to the SPS release - is this the same in the WHDLoad version?), but there is nothing game breaking.

Download it (and the CD jewel case artwork) here.

(RGCD's other unofficial CD32 games can be found here).

The unreleased CD32 soundtrack from Steve Turner will (hopefully) be recovered successfully from the DAT tape he sent me, and made publicly available soon.

(Oh, and Musashi5150 reckons I'll be the only person to ever play this, so if you download and use it let him know by posting a comment here!)

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