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Thank you! Great support.

Originally Posted by laffer View Post
OK cool, thanks for the clarification... I'm planning to donate a little bit, just waiting for my next paycheck.

However, isn't this method a bit risky? If no one actually pays anything until a certain date, I would imagine there can be cases of people with empty accounts and other such things?
Some of the documentary footage has already been shot, what the Kickstarter funding is about is making sure the Amiga gets the documentary it deserves. From the Viva Amiga Kickstarter comments section:
Thanks Eric and Darren. There's not really a question of it will work out, it kinda already has. Got lots of great interviews and b-roll so far, It's just how much better I can make the thing. Everyone should know there's much more we have under our belts than what is in the trailer right now....
We're almost at the $21k mark now, let's keep up the momentum!
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