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I'm in touch with one of his friends: Fishy Fiz, aka Fishy Fish.

He can't find the copy he had, but he said he knows the guy who ported it and is going to see if he still has that and the sources. Also he said he's trying to get it ported to AROS, which is problematic, but he says he'll get back to it eventually and try to iron out what ever bugs he's dealing with.

From the sounds of things, this may well be better suited for a Power Amiga, MorphOS, AROS, or OS 4...

...of course if the Natami becomes a reality, that may handle it fine as well.

Anyhow, he'll post it the 680x0 version to Aminet as soon as he finds it.

As for you, take your time, though I have to say when you get that uploaded, I think a lot of people in the community will benefit from it as I've heard it is tricky to set up a DEV environment on the Amiga otherwise.
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