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Originally posted by Toni Wilen
fiath: I guess your "reason" also excludes joystick and keyboard ports?
Cool idea that, it is certainly sometimes frustrating using a PC keyboard for Amiga emulation, and Joysticks? That would be sweet!

Yes, it will be a dedicated (floppy only) device - but it will be "Open Hardware" (as opposed to Open Source ).

Anyone know any license agreements that exist for open hardware designs? I think Sun did one for its Sparc CPU's, but that is the only one I know of...

There is no reason people cannot extend the design of it I suppose, but it wouldn't be "standard" and may be just as easy to start from scratch - we certainly wouldn't spend any time on something like that I wouldn't have thought. Especially as the device we have in mind can be used on an Amiga as well as PC/Mac/whatever - and so would be redundant anyway on one platform.

So if people want things like Amiga mouse/joystick/keyboard - then it is much better to go with the CW. Especially as it is not currently vapourware...
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