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Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
I received the new Kryoflux beta. So far i have wrote about 50 images back to floppy and i have only had 1 that doesnt seem to write. (ghosts n Goblins), i'm not sure if my image is bad or not.

I have used old/new/DD/HD floppies and the writes WORK!. It doesn't appear to need new and DD disks in order to successfully write images as some of the discs i have used are old IBM formatted disks that i got from work which are about 10 years old and had old data on them. Most of the disks i have are mixed brands so overall, VERY happy.

the list is long of what i have successfully copied... heres a sample

dragons Breath
Battle Squadron
Adams Family
Alien Breed Tower Assault
Chase HQ
Defender of Crown
Dragons Lair

Double Dragon 2
F29 Retaliator
Great Giana Sisters
James Pond
Lemmings 1
Lords of Rising Sun
Magic Pockets (loads different from original, it struggles)
Parasol Stars
Rainbow Islands
Rick Dangerous (Both 1 and 2)
Silly Putty
Shadow of Beast 2
Smash TV
Space Ace
Speedball (Both 1 and 2)
Sword of Sodan
Turrican (I, II and III)
Wrath of Demon


And the game Awesome too lol
Glad, you are happy with it
It has taken a lot longer than we anticipated - we could have released a "crappy" version a long time ago... but decided not to.

As for GnG thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Apart from the fact the it is the first release of the game and is missing data (!) it used something either deliberately or coincidentally, that makes writing very hit and miss - unless you verify the track written, and retry if it failed.
We have a later release of the game dumped now, and this "feature" is gone, so it clearly caused a lot of trouble at the time.
The very latest DTC should make this process much more hit than miss, but still you'd need a drive with a very, very stable index signal to write that disk correctly.
What happens is that the data starts *exactly* at the index signal, and if the written track is a few microseconds shorter or the same as the original it is readable, but if it goes over size, even just by a few bitcells, the marks (sync) will be overwritten...
The latest DTC has a special functionality that takes care of this situation as much as is possible, but the bottleneck here is how consistent the index signal is on your drive - you'd have zero chance of writing this on the ALPS drive I used before.
Writing is correct on my Samsung drive now (the same as we had at the webshop), but YMMV...
I guess I am the only one here who can't actually try any of the games written, just see if they are correctly written or not - due to almost complete lack of retro gear where I live now.

Can't think of any other game that used such a stupid thing and it's no wonder they changed it for the running replacement

As usual, Mr Vince can get you the latest beta, if you don't have it yet.
I also have another idea, but that might have unwanted side effects...
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