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Originally Posted by mr.vince View Post
Do you remember me saying this should become a "one-click only" experience? Now you know why.

Will be sending you next beta tonight...
I received the new Kryoflux beta. So far i have wrote about 50 images back to floppy and i have only had 1 that doesnt seem to write. (ghosts n Goblins), i'm not sure if my image is bad or not.

I have used old/new/DD/HD floppies and the writes WORK!. It doesn't appear to need new and DD disks in order to successfully write images as some of the discs i have used are old IBM formatted disks that i got from work which are about 10 years old and had old data on them. Most of the disks i have are mixed brands so overall, VERY happy.

the list is long of what i have successfully copied... heres a sample

dragons Breath
Battle Squadron
Adams Family
Alien Breed Tower Assault
Chase HQ
Defender of Crown
Dragons Lair

Double Dragon 2
F29 Retaliator
Great Giana Sisters
James Pond
Lemmings 1
Lords of Rising Sun
Magic Pockets (loads different from original, it struggles)
Parasol Stars
Rainbow Islands
Rick Dangerous (Both 1 and 2)
Silly Putty
Shadow of Beast 2
Smash TV
Space Ace
Speedball (Both 1 and 2)
Sword of Sodan
Turrican (I, II and III)
Wrath of Demon


And the game Awesome too lol
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