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Originally posted by Guede
Akira, I think you need to read my post again. Those arent my words, they are a quote from the story that just made me laugh.
Oi! you didn't quote first so I thought it was you saying that! I didnt even CARE to read that shit because I hate slashdot and nothing those geeks say in there interests me one bit. And I'm a techno freak/geek

Sorry about the confusion

Anyway, slashdot sucks. How can you guys read all that load of blabber? If the AmigaOne would come loaded with some flavour of linux (vanilLinux, chocoLinux, why the fuck did I use that 'flavour' term? ), I bet they would be drooling all over it. I remember they did drool when they said QNX or Linux was getting into the new Amigas by Gateway! (tee-hee)
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