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I can't wait

Speaking about controls. I think that it's not a matter of tactile buttons. There are many "jump&run" games on the App Store that provide convinient and responsive controls - though they don't use D-Pad button layout, but something like this:

("diagonals" require touching "left" or "right" along with "up")

Examples (linking to Lite version, where available):
- Pizza Boy -
- Soosiz -
- League of Evil -

In contrary, "D-Pad" button layout often renders the game unplayable.

I'm sure that this is applicable to iUAE (especially that Amiga joyticks have only 1 "fire" button) as long as "customizable" controls can be provided. Even 8-directional movement can be easily (IMO) set up this way (Chaos engine - "left", "right", "fire", "up", "down" buttons placed on the same X axis at the bottom of the screen, or even something like this: ).

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