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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Just wondering, with just an 030 and a CF type hard drive... am I going to gain and see any real speed difference I wonder...?
On my MkII & Powerflyer Gold with a Blizzy 1230 I get 6mb/sec with 300x CF with SFS File System. (PIO4)

On Native IDE its 1.6-1.7mb/sec tops. So yeah its about 3.5x faster

Check out Doom loading:

[ Show youtube player ]

Its pretty quick eh?

You may be able to do better with the newer unit + PFS3.

I really wanted to test it out with an ACA1230 + SSD as I know people have hit 8-9mb/sec with these setups

But my ACA + A1200 had weird issues... So I went back to the trusty Blizzy 1230

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