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Toni Wilen
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Lots of changes since last time..

- AROS is now fully dos packets converted (all platforms)
- Motorola 68040/060 support library ROM built-in
- CDFS rom built-in (does not automount yet but probably in future)
- Boot menu is now more useful (shows boot devices and expansions)
- ArosBootStrap (softkick) mode AOS driver support. Allows use of any AOS ROM resident modules. For example A3000 ROM scsi.device can be used to enable real A3000 built-in SCSI in AROS. Also added support for Picasso96 driver files (.card and .chip files) to enable RTG support in AROS. Even boot menu and boot image uses RTG mode automatically.

and probably mode I already forgot..

Might there be seperate versions for 1.3 and 3.1 compatibility at a later stage?
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