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Heart of the Alien: How to compile.

So I'm posting this on three different forums as I'd like to take a stab at compiling this on every Amiga related platform that I use, and considering that I know next to nothing about coding for the Amiga, I assume that the development environments will vary from one another, therefore I need help setting up my development environment to suit each OS. Since I've already posted on AROS Exec and MophZone, I'd like help here specifically on getting things set up for Amiga OS 3.1 or 3.9.

As you can see on the page, there was a port of Heart of the Alien compiled for Amiga OS 3.9, but no release was ever submitted.

I wrote to the author and he told me that the guy who compiled it only sent him a screen shot, which you can see on his page. He then told me that all I would need to do would be to compile it and I should be good to go, but he said I would need gcc and libsdl. So what I'm wondering is how do I get them, where do I put them, then where do I put the source for Heart of the Alien redux, and then how do I get them to compile?

I would rather do this my self rather than have someone else do it, as it would give me an opportunity to learn. Then if more work needs done to get them to work, I could ask around and maybe perhaps learn a bit about coding basics.

Please remember, I'M A TOTAL VIRGIN TO ALL THIS. So please, baby steps, baby steps!
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