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Originally Posted by mailman View Post
Yes, I know that but it's a bit ridicilous to waste a life or a whole game on nothing. Particulary when you are in level 6
Indeed, but it's a very valuable technique. Life isn't really an issue when you have 8+ lives (usually by level 4, when playing on easy difficulty).

DJC, I downloaded the new version today and am so happy I don't need to worry when weapons drop down the shaft's
I also found it easier to get the Trophy weapon achievement - I managed to get it on Easy difficulty, but it still requires finding nearly all of the secret areas and the 2 hidden weapons caches.

Erm... not sure how to say this.... I found the extra 2 hidden areas!
They were very cunningly hidden, I had to go through level 5 twice (first time to clear level of bad guys) and only found the first one on a hunch - it's in the same spot I would have put a hidden area.
The second hidden area took a bit longer, but I found it too.

Oh, I also transferred my old scores, deadbodies etc. across with no problem.


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