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Originally posted by Guede
Akira, I think you need to read my post again. Those arent my words, they are a quote from the story that just made me laugh.

To me the Amiga is (not 'was') the best machine that was ever produced. I used computers alot in my younger days and I am still to find a system that gives me the satisfaction that my old Amiga did. I only recently got back into computing. I gave up in about 91 because I got a cattle mustering job and was more interested in making some dollars. About a year ago I had a car accident while at work and since bought a new fandangeled PC and I spend more time running old retro shit on it.

My mate tries to tell me its only 'nostalgia' but to tell the truth I wish that I had my old Amiga on my desk instead of these two 1.3ghz Athlons. I run Win98se and 2K as well as Linux for web development, but none of them excite me (if thats the right expression) in the same way as the Amiga did.

All I was trying to put across is that no matter how big and powerfull Micro$ux and co gets, the Amiga has sown its oats and its roots are firmly planted. As long as there are people like me, your good self and the others of this board, the Amiga will live on. Whether it be classic, AmigaOne, or whatever the fuck else, its not nostalgia, its simply the (somewhat sad) progresion of what should have been IMHO the biggest thing in the industry.(enough said about the causes) And I only hope that the modern Amiga can compete in this screwed up situation we now find thrust upon ourselves.

I may not be 'therealthing' like your illustrious self , but in my little neck of the woods we take what we can get.

Work well friend

Well said Guede!
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