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Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
Ordered, and I hope this one hold my Flicker Fixer better as with my A603, it seems REALLY sensitive and I constantly have to open up my 600 and adjust it to get a proper display.
Sounds like you have a contact problem. Try cleaning the A600 connector with a pencil eraser.

Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
Also I could never get my Subway to work before, I even had to shave off some of the plastic to make the cable it fit under the Flicker fixer and plug in proper. I kinda gave up on trouble shooting all that so hopefully this will resolve those issues as well.
I'd expect that, yes. I have just uploaded the required update to subwayusb.device to the website, along with the English and German installation instructions. English and German are both included in printed form with every A604. A French translation is in the works - thanks to Relec (Switzerland) for this service. Once that's available, I'll also upload it to the site.

Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
P.S. Does this mean that the USB will now be a lost closer to USB 2.0 speeds? I.E. would CD or DVD burners be a possibility?
Don't expect too much. The screenshot I've posted last week shows that it's considerably faster, but that doesn't mean that it flies. It merely goes from "annoyingly slow" to "can deal with it when in the right mood". If you define the "right mood" as the "retro kind of mood", you'll like it ;-)

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