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Toni Wilen
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My CW MK3 WinUAE support plans:

- external Amiga keyboard: very simple to implement
- joystick ports
1: joysticks + 1 button/joystick: very simple
2: joysticks + 2 or 3 buttons/joystick: SID required, more complex
3: CD32 pad: unfortunately not possible
(CW hardware limitation, buttons 2 and 3 can't be outputs)
4: Amiga mouse: possible only in theory. (would need huge amounts of CPU power for polling the mouse because CW lacks hardware mouse counters)
- floppy drive
1: ZorroII emulation and using Amiga side driver: quite simple
2: "Direct" DF0/DF1/DF2/DF3 support. complex. I have not ecided yet.

I might release "special" CW-WinUAE version after basic joystick and keyboard support is complete. (December?)

fiath: I guess your "reason" also excludes joystick and keyboard ports?
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