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Haha thanks... I'm actually not very patient at all but this game was somewhat of a special case - I have most of the other ports of the LN games on my channel, this was really the only one missing (there are some other ports I haven't recorded but those are identical to ports I have done... this was the only really different port I hadn't recorded yet).
So that motivated me quite a bit, and so did searching for the game on Youtube and finding nothing at all... not even small gameplay clips.
Meaning I finally had a chance to upload something that hadn't already been done, which is becoming more and more rare now that so many people record games.

I agree about the music, of course - it really should have had more tunes, especially since the one tune in the game is half-decent.
It's a bit ironic how the most memorable feature of the LN games, the music, is so poorly done in most of the ports.

I suspect the game was quite rushed, maybe that's why. The reason I think it was rushed is there are parts of the game that seem unfinished such as the lack of any ending sequence (just some text), and the lack of a final boss (all you get is a regular enemy that keeps attacking much faster than other enemies).
There are also some items in the game without any use (the two I remember from the top of my head are the fish and the gold coins).
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