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Had a look and this is the thread that caught my eye -

The only possible purpose of bringing the Amiga back from the dead is NOSTALGIA.

The Amiga simply has no other practical uses -- not for games, not for desktop accessories: nada, nil, nothing. At the best, some rich geeks are going to purchase one as a novelty item, run some old demos or ancient games on it, and then let it collect dust in their closet.

Amiga emulators do the job far better than an actual machine would, with the bonus of being absolutely free.

Amiga died long ago, and it will never make a comeback. You would have to be a diehard idiot to purchase one of these.
- Well fuck me royally, I would be glad to be one of these 'idiots'. The Amiga will never die. Its like a good brew, it tastes better as it ages.
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