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Originally Posted by mailman View Post
In Level 5 I found only one secret area. I have no idea where others might be

Some hints?
Both areas are fairly easy to find.

Originally Posted by mailman View Post

When you complete the game it should be considered if lives that left shouldn't be converted into points. That way someone who will complete the game with one life will have a worse score than a person with three, four lives left (of course if we assume that they played equal).
Great idea. On easy difficulty I have finished the game with 9 or more lives left (you have to get lucky with the E-X-T-R-A letters and find all secret areas - quite a few contain an extra life).

Originally Posted by mailman View Post
P.S. How to obtain this triaton? (screenshot 1)

Another questions.

1. At Level 1, is it possible to go up, where this buddy is? (screenshot 2)
2. At Level 1, is it possible to kill the green alien? (screenshot 3)

Triaton is grabbed the same way you get to the area you are talking about in screenshot 2. But you get to the Traiton from a different screen...

As for killing the green alien, I don't think so. You'd have to kill the guys and get up to area in screenshot 2 mighty quickly (e.g. on first attempt) and then work your way down to where he is...

Mailman, you took part in round 4 of the EAB/Lemon Super League, which was Alien Fish Finger. John4P mentioned the technique which you seem to have forgotten - you can use grenades (or the bazooka) to jump high than normal, but you sacrifice one bar of life for doing so.


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