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make silent - slow down your noisy cdrom drive

Hello , if you can't slow down your cdrom speed with any other util , try this trick works alright if you use idefix cdfs and have installed the files for cd32 emulation (i have latest idefix with patch for compact flash cards installed).

Go to the cd32 emu program and click the setting Force 2x speed , save preferences from the top menu and then exit.
make a copy of cd32emu program to another directory and edit tool types to enable NOWININIT (that is to start (init) cd32emulation without going to menu) ,
edit the tool type NVPATH= to state a wrong destination directory (i just edit it to =Press NO ), save and exit.

Now when you run this copy of cd32emu program it will say (ask) to you that path for Game Store (NVPATH) is invalid continue? just press NO and nothing loads on memory but the cdrom speed has changed to 2x whice is perfect silent to load and explore cds without this 24x speed noise (i have a plextor 24x).

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