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Back to the fold

Hello all

I foolishly sold all my amiga stuff after being tempted away by doom years ago, what really pulled me back was stumbling across Amiga Forever and the It came from the desert adf's.

So I've been back collecting amiga stuff for about 18 months and managed to amass a collection I could never of imagined back when they were new.

x2 1200's one mint one frankenmiggy that's hopefully about to have an internal teac cd installed
x1 600 with a601 & 4meg pcmcia fast ram
x2 500's a 1.2 +1.3
x1 CD32

I'm saving up for an accelerator, I'm not interested in towerising the amiga as I've no room left so all that's really left after that is usb.

Believe it or not I only came across the eab a few weeks ago when I decided to tackle my crappy amitek hawk that crashes when trying to address the full 8meg no matter which simm goes in.

I collect older big box pc games as well as the amiga stuff and as I type there's a collection CD uploading to the server called Vulcanology. I Found it in the attic last week and though it might be a good introduction to the group.

I suppose I'd better admit that I also bought a Commodore Gaming PC as nostalgia bit a few years ago.

I'll get me coat.

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