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Tested Full Throttle finally... First of all: I cannot deactivate the sound. Music & sfx are always on and during the intro and action sequences I have even speech (maybe the video parts use one compact audio stream). Animations are always jumpy then. During the game everything runs fluid, though the sfx are out of sync. When it comes to the bike fight, the game becomes unplayable slow and often hangs or crashes, displaying this message:
pure virtual method called
terminate called without an active exception
Program aborted
After fine tuning the settings for the old ScummVM version I got similar results using the PC speaker emulation. The sfx fit even better. But during bike fight scene it tends to crash too.
Again, there's no visible improvement due to new copy-mem routines. Hopefully, I didn't do anything wrong with patching my system. According to Scout CopyMem & CopyMemQuick are running.
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