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Originally Posted by pintcat View Post
I came across something odd. I'm curious if someone else can confirm this...
I accidentally started ScummVM without a copy-mem patch and found that it runs with pretty much the same speed. Just to be sure I deactivated ALL patches I've installed, rebooted and retried ScummVM - same result.
It's probably because the most of the speed limitations for an 060 are the AGA chipset and HD transfer rate, the patched memory routines certainly make a difference to the 030 version on my machine.

Have you tried Full Throttle with v1.2.1.015 + patched memory copy routines yet? Does it make any difference to the bike fight scene? How does yours run the intro? My 030 seems to have the power to run the intro at almost full speed but I think my hard drive transfer rate is too slow so I get pauses. My 56Mhz 030 really struggles on the first bike fight scene but I know that even the old PPC's version had trouble with the bike battles so I'm not surprised that the 68k versions are also struggling

Update: Just tried MIDI emulation playback on my 030 with both DOTT and Discworld and it works a lot better this time around. It's still not really playable (everything slows down too much) but at least it doesn't just hang anymore

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