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Originally Posted by Lonewolf10 View Post
It's not hard to miss, just hard to reach - no still missing this achievement too

I was wrong, it isn't obvious at all... until....

Nope not going to say how to do star trekking, other than I discovered it this week and a big hats off to DJC for the level design.
I also accidentally discovered the 2nd trophy location on level 3, so I now have found all the secret areas

I attempted to get the Trophy weapon on easy difficulty, but failed by 3 weapons (and 2 of those were from guys that got away... grrr). I then attempted it on hard and got killed off on level 3.
I will attempt it again tomorrow, probably on normal so I stand a better chance of reaching the end - I have only completed AFF on hard once so far.

Originally Posted by DJCruicky View Post
I've made a small improvement. Before when objects fall off the bottom of the screen they are lost (health, Letters and guns for example). But now if you walk to the screen below, you should now find them waiting for you to collect . This was tricky to program as screens are only generated when you enter them so having to get the computer to place the object in the correct place was challenging. Works even if you shoot an Enemy solider down that 4 screen high mine shaft at the start of level 1. You should find his dead body there waiting for you at the bottom .
Wow, I can imagine that would be hard to program, and it shall make the "get the Trophy weapon" achievement slightly easier

DJC, I know you said that you were going to release a bugfixed version this weekend, but there is one other thing that bugs me. Sometimes the bad guys come onto the screen and they climb upwards off screen and never come back
I know you stopped them from disappearing off the bottom of the screen (other than the ones that deliberately run away), could you do the same for the top?


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