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I think those are prototypes only. Or a selected few for devs. I know there has been a lot of talk about MMU version and stuff, but I don't think they will go to production with two different boards. That would be illogical (captain )
After all, the "old" 060 can USUALLY go, what, 60, 70...5 MHz ? The "new" ones are on 110-120 MHz right now. May turn out even faster...

Don't get me wrong, I am generally for as many choices as one can have. I would support more variants, even cheap-o boards with 50ish MHz 68030 But from a small production run point of view, I think they will go for the most standardized solution.

Buuuuuut as yet another twist, the boards will come fully documented. And having the synczorro slot, nothing is preventing the third party boards, hacks or workaround solutions for any type of CPU. Maybe even 68000 degrader boards
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