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Tracker Hero ECS is under development, it will take a while because the target is it can run on an unexpanded A600, and this is quite hard to achieve. The problems I'm facing aren't related to ECS chipset but to the Motorola 68000.

If anybody is having problems with song/game synchronization please contact me. I need to know version of the game, Amiga model and if it's PAL or NTSC.

An adf doesn't exist at the moment, it would require a custom adf file size. I know it is possible to do them but I don't know how. Maybe someone at the forum knows how to.

Finally, I would like to remind you that new songs can be added easily with the editor, sharing the small .dat is enough but very few people are adding new songs or at least they aren't sharing them. It's a pity because I'm not a musician and someone with more knowledge of the mod format than me could create better and faster .dat files. There is no need to create new songs, moreover, pre 90s songs are the easiest to do.
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