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Hi from me too

I've registered here two years now, but I think it's time to introduce myself also (to be honest I totally forgot that, don't blame me ok?)

Amiga user since 1991 (and still going nowadays), before had one Amstrad CPC 6128 (still have it though!) and some Ataris since 1983 (no, I don't have them now - pheww).

My current collection consists of a Black A1200, an A4000D, my wife's CD32 and my favourite CDTV (which currently is in the middle of a project of mine), but you can check my signature though.

Currently working for Amiga Future magazine (since 2008); ask Graham, he knows.

Glad to see other friends from other forums too.

For the last, here's a pic of my beloved A1200 Black Edition. Hope you like it. This project is nearly finished, as I have to change the LEDs entirely (with blue and greens).

Keep up the good work guyz! Nice to be here.
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