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Originally Posted by Predseda View Post
BTW i dedicated almost 20 mins to search what star-trekking in level 3 could mean, but I havent find anything
I can tell you how to do it if you like? I don't like to spoil it for you if you want to find it yourself. A clue would be it's in the outdoor part of the level (well, where else would stars be, dur ). No grenades needed.

I'll try and release the bug fix version of AFF over the weekend (1.30b). It's been finished for sometime now. No new content, just bug fixes that you lot have spotted above, plus a few I found myself. However, I did turn 'TheWolf's bug spot into a new achievement. So you got 'Mountain Climbing on Level 5, but now we also have 'Mountain Climbing Level 6' too .

I've made a small improvement. Before when objects fall off the bottom of the screen they are lost (health, Letters and guns for example). But now if you walk to the screen below, you should now find them waiting for you to collect . This was tricky to program as screens are only generated when you enter them so having to get the computer to place the object in the correct place was challenging. Works even if you shoot an Enemy soldier down that 4 screen high mine shaft at the start of level 1. You should find his dead body there waiting for you at the bottom .

Thanks for the dosh Djay


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