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Hi NovaCoder,

of course, I know that it could be better in some cases to use Semaphores for locking specific resources only instead of switching off the multitasking completely with Forbid() but I guess that Forbid() and Permit() are working much faster than ObtainSemaphore() and ReleaseSemaphore(). That's only one reason. The other one is that the second process which tries to use the pngalpha.library must use the same Semaphore locking to let it work as it should. That won't be the case, thus Semaphores are quite useless for solving this problem.

My latest icon.library version 46.4.220 will come out on Aminet in a few hours.... and you may also still find some example icons somewhere above.


Please, don't put the icon.library into a ROM if the access speed of that ROM is not as fast as your FastMem

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