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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
No mfilos, Forbid() and Permt() are exec.library functions to disable and enable the multitasking. After Forbid() the pngalpha.library would run without having to fight with other processes for CPU time and without being desturbed by acessing the system resources. Just use the noForbid() version as long as you don't have crashes, freezes or similar. The Forbid() version is only for James ito see if this could fix some problems.

But there might be other reasons than the pngalpha.library responsible for his problems. For example, I've got some recoverable Alerts saying that Limpidclock is causing illagal states for ReleaseSemaphore(). Also a good reason for crashes and freezes. I've already sent a bugreport to the author.
Hiya Peter,

I don't think using Forib()/Permit() to get around issues caused by other programs that are not multitasking correctly is the best way to go with IconLib. Most of the Amiga development stuff that I've read seems to be against using Forib()/Permit() these days.

I'm currently creating a custom 3.9 ROM for my ACA, which is the best (stability/speed) version of your icon.library to use for my AGA 1200?

What else do I need to install to try some of these PNG Icons on my standard 3.9 install (I'm not using Scalos)?

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