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Well, most of the legacy software will run fine, perhaps almost all, with this 7 MHz 68020 mode. I'm not worried about that part of the compatibility, really, especially with exchangable kickstarts you could run A1000 and A500 kick 1.2 games and demos! So in fact it's already better than for example an A500 with kick 2.0 and unswitchable fastmem.

Sometimes I go on about things closest to my heart and write a lot of justifications to push for my view. You can see I've typed a lot about this single feature already

Well, the A500 is closest to my heart. The future I see is that fewer and fewer people develop for the A500 class of Amiga, in fact all the earlier Amigas up to and including unexpanded A1200.

I want a switch because I'm a programmer, ACA630 has it and it's great!

Why is it important to me? Because it gives me a fast coding machine, and still allows me to check exactly how it will perform on unexpanded Amigas. Why is that important to you? Because if nobody codes for unexpanded Amigas, all the ones who have Amigas in their closets will have to 'invest' if they want to take them out again. And that will make it not happen, in many cases. Another Amiga user offline...

I believe that to get more Amiga users, there must be new software for the unexpanded, and coders shouldn't have to set up a dev Amiga+a target Amiga with CF cards and shuffle data back and forth. The more obstacles that are removed for coder and user, the better the odds that new software is being made and that old and new users come to Amiga. And new software for Amiga really needs much better odds.

I will buy one regardless of switch or not, because I'm sure it will be great. Users will have a cheap fast Amiga, and one that runs the familiar games etc very well. I think that for many, it will be better to buy this than to fiddle with kickstart switches or ordering kickstarts, to get a few stubborn games (the ones that don't start with a click in WHDload) running.

It's just that other turbo cards had a switch for a reason. But if it's not possible, it's not possible and still a great piece of hardware, of course.
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