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I started playing NES games very recently (about 2 months). Never had played this console till now. I can just say I changed 180ยบ my opinion on the NES. It has great games with solid gameplay and quality. You know those people that say they don't like cheese but don't even tried it?

Batman - Return of the Joker is a graphic masterpiece can even rival somewhat with 16 bit games. Al Unser Jr Turbo Racing is great fun and very addictive one of the best 8 bit racing games I came to play so far. Finding Super Mario Bros 3 identical (bar the obvious hardware differences) to the SNES version was quite a surprise. 1943 is arcade identical in the gameplay.

I understand why it was so popular and very rightly so.

Lorfarious your site is a great resource for the NES and I like the layout and content. Keep up the good work.

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