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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
1.) Which other software uses it on your system. Maybe, the pngalpha.library dosn't like multitasking and to be accessed by two programs at the same time? I could add a Forbid()/Permit() pair around the alpha decoding.
SkinnableClock is the only program I can think of that runs from WBStartup. I also run Limpidclock for the calendar. Tried removing these 2 when I was having problems last time but it didn't appear to help... That said here are the results so far with the latest libraries:

Either library with env variable - no crashes.
No_Forbid library no variable - crashes quite a lot, but not all the time.
Forbid library no variable - after many resets with no problems there has been just one time when the system seemed to reset itself (didn't see a guru) and then seemed to run fine. When the other library causes crashes a reset is not enough to clear the problem.
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