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Originally Posted by James View Post
Unfortunately this also means the return of the crashes on my WinUAE system...

But not when it is needed by other software. Could an environment variable be used to switch its use on or off?
1.) Which other software uses it on your system. Maybe, the pngalpha.library dosn't like multitasking and to be accessed by two programs at the same time? I could add a Forbid()/Permit() pair around the alpha decoding.
2.) Of course, it's possible to disable it with a ENV: variable. No problem.

I will make a test version for you, James.

Update: OK, 46.4.219 is done.
The variable is ENVARC:IconLib46.prefs and must have the contents "NoAlpha", no matter if upper or lower case. But it's checked only once, not again and again for every icon. If this file can't be found or contains something else, then the pngalpha.library will always be loaded.

No sorry, I've no intentions to integrate png decoding. If you really need speed, then just convert the PNG icons with snapshot. That's all you need to do. And there are also AfA_OS and Scalos already doing this job.


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