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Thanks for the info Retroplay.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Which version of X2 do you have?
That's the question. Not sure if it's a genuine Xecuter2 chip. It could be a cheapmod chip with 256K banks! Bought it off ebay years ago already fitted with the Xbox.

I forgot to look when I opened the Xbox; not sure if I can look using a tool, I'll check. It was a blue PCB, with a screw hole at the top, with a blue glowing LED. Also has three DIP switches on a separate mini PCB:

Protect on/off
Bank 1/2

As long as it works with the 250GB hard drive, then it desn't matter I guess. Was just thinking of the future.

Do I need to lock the drive or not to work with the original bios (modchip disabled)?

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