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Ok, I'll have another play around. Yes indeed I do have one huge F: partition. I'm guessing that G:\ is optional with this bios - it supports one huge F:\ but older bios only support F:\ to 137GB then G:\ the rest?

I launched XBpartitioner and it complained my bios doesn't support LBA 48bit v2 and I can't use custom partitions. But once the app launches, it says LBA 48bit v0 at the top.

It seems the UnleashX thing was actually off the Auto Installer Deluxe disk when it detected an un-prepared hard drive, nothing to do with bios bank switches. I made the mistake as the Phillips drive was having trouble reading a DVDRW; changed to DVD-R and it's happy now.

I think both banks on my Xecuter2 have the same bios. I may upgrade one then to the latest.
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