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I'm upgrading my Xbox to a larger hard drive - 80GB to 250GB. It's a v1.1 modded with the Xecutor 2 chip. The chip has two bios banks.

Bank 1 produced a red ring of death because I had the Xbox powered down between hard drive swaps and the clock settings were missing from the new hard drive.

Bank 2 has the UnleashX bios I think, and set about installing my hard drive.

I've now managed to boot the Auto Installer Deluxe disk v 4.53, but when I look at the hard drive partitions G: is showing as 0MB and F: doesn't exists.

So what am I missing? Do I have to update the bios banks for large hard drive support? Is this a 137GB limit error? I can boot the Xbox, so I guess updating the bios isn't an issue...
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