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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Ah, so aslong as it has nothing on it at all, then you can use it as if you had disksafetycheck off (so to speak).
Why did it change? out of interest, cause it was nice and easy the old way.
On some systems/Windows versions, writing to drive that Windows recognises may do any of following:

- write actually succeeds (but this can cause major issues if Windows decides to write to the drive, for example it had FAT partition that had some data in write cache) It was important to reinsert the card after RDB was written.

- write appears to succeed (ok returned) but nothing was written. This was the cause for "block zero write failed"-message, after writing to block zero (and return code was ok), it re-read same block and checked if data matched.

- error is returned

I decided to only allow safest solution = drive that is guaranteed not mounted in Windows, blank or RDB partitioned.
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