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Error parsing tooltypes bug is back again! (46.4.215)
Yes indeed, the same problem, but this time caused by a bug in dos.library which seems to trash memory when DeleteVar() cannot find the variable. I expected that DeleteVar() would do nothing in such a case. Wrong assumption!


This version is based on a total new concept for the datatype handling:

It will only use the PNGdt 44.6 from Gunther Nikl for the PNG image decoding. Why? The PNGdt 44.6 has the best possible quality, is the fastest datatype for PNG icons, it's small in size, has no bugs or memory leaks and it's freeware. The pngalpha.library can be removed from LIBS: and it's much easier to maintain the alpha channel processing in the icon.library.

You can still use your favourite PNG datatype in parallel operation for your picture viewer(s). To make this possible I've created a new "infoPNG" datatype descriptor which is only used by the icon.library for the ".info" files if no other png descriptor is available. However, the icon.library always directs its tasks to the png.datatype.

Update: The PNGdt 44.6 guide says:
Note: All versions compiled for >= 68020 do *require* a FPU!

All you need to do is:
1.) download PNGdt 44.6 from Aminet and
2.) copy the png.datatype for your CPU into the Sys:Classes/Datatypes dir,
....use the 68000 version if you don't have a FPU !
3.) and put my "infoPNG" file into the DEVSatatypes drawer. That's it.


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