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Originally Posted by Minuous View Post
OK, Boing Bag #3 V1.0k has now been released.
It turns out that the "68020" build provided in previous releases actually required an FPU. This may have been the cause of your issue. What CPU and FPU do you use?
I was using my A3000/040 (MC68040) and I doubt this was the same problem as on the thread. I could browse many different websites and stay on line for hours without Aweb freezing as long as I avoided the EAB "Zone" and the Amigan website. As I indicated the problem occured when reading > 580,000 bytes of html. It happened even with javascript and image rendering disabled. Doesn't seem FPU related to me.
EDIT: I just tried using 68000 version of Aweb and it froze after reading 230,000 bytes of html in the "Zone".

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